Mini Lights

Don't Be Left In The Dark!
This Might Mini Hanging Light Won't Let You Down! 3 Modes For All Situations. Light From Above Is A Blessing. Carabiner Clip Allows It To Hang Anywhere. 
Epic Price For An Epic Piece Of Equipment. You Want Them All
Small Things Come in Great Packages!
Hanging Lamp 3 Modes Outdoor Fishing Camping Hiking Lights SOS Emergency Travel Carabiner Bulb Feature: The camping lamp that can be hung on a tent, branch, belt loop, knapsack or car or wear them as earrings. The white opaque lampshade makes the light brighter and more concentrated at night in an open space.  This LED light will give you 100,000 hours of light which equates to 11.5 years of constant use. Must Have!

WAS $17.99

NOW ONLY $8.99